What is the Lambda Beta Society?

The National Honor Society for the Profession of Respiratory Care was formed in 1986 to promote, recognize and honor scholarship, scholarly achievement, service, and character of students, graduates, and faculty members of the profession. The name of the society is based on the goals of the Respiratory Care profession: sustaining “life and breath” for all mankind. Lambda (Λ) is the Greek letter “L”, and beta (Β) is the Greek letter “B”. Lambda Beta Society currently has over 100 Chapters established at Respiratory Care programs across the United States.

The purpose of the Society is to promote the achievement of high scholarly standards within the schools and chapters through the encouragement of membership and graduation with honors. Membership benefits and advantages include the recognition of individual achievement and scholarship.

Individuals’ achievements are recognized by having their name entered into a permanent “Roll of Excellence”, graduating with honors by displaying a ribbon on their graduation gown during commencement, graduation with honors noted on their official transcripts, wearing and displaying the Lambda Beta insignia, and the right to list honor society membership on their curriculum vitae. In addition to recognizing the achievement of students, Lambda Beta chapters may choose to participate in other activities promoting leadership and scholarship within the profession including social activities (i.e., annual luncheons, recognition dinners, or graduation breakfasts), scholarship fundraising and distribution, as well as special fundraising and research.

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