Scholarship and Award Winners

This section is dedicated to showcasing the worthy individuals who have received scholarships and awards from Lambda Beta, as well as Board Members and staff who have received awards.

Scholarship Winners

Amber Cox
Nebraska Methodist College
Omaha, NE

Charmaine Towns
Rush University
Chicago, IL

Melody Kloepfer
Nova Southeastern University
Davie, FL

Jessica Bradley
Wallace Community College
Dothan, AL

National Honorary Members

Kim Hill, MS, RRT

As I reflect on my career in respiratory care, I have been fortunate to work with some of
the best individuals in the areas of clinical practice, education, and research including my
involvement with the Lambda Beta Society. I express my sincere gratitude for the impact
the persons who not only shaped and molded my career but gave me the inspiration and
courage to succeed. While the list of these role models is far too long to include everyone,
there are a few I’d like to recognize. Dr. George Burton, Dr. Thomas Howdieshell, Dr. Shelley
Mishoe, RRT, Dabney Edison, BS, RRT-NPS, Dr. Henry Oh, RRT, Vijay Deshpande, MS, RRT,
and all the members of the Lambda Beta Board.
I am honored to be selected as the 2023 recipient of the National Honorary Member
of the Lambda Beta Society. I thank all the Lambda Beta Board Members both past and
present for selecting me for this award. It is truly an honor to join the list of distinguished
individuals who have also been honored. When Dr. Shelley Mishoe nominated me to serve
on the Lambda Beta Board over 25 years ago, I never imagined I’d receive such an honor.
This is truly one of the most significant events of my professional career and a memorable
day in my life.

Previous National Honorary Members

1987 Frederick Helmholz, MD 1988 James F. Whitacre, MS, RRT

1989 Hugh S. Mathewson, MD

1990 Donald F. Egan, MD

1991 Steven K. Bryant, PhD, RRT (Hon)

1992 Joyce E. Wanta, RRT

1993 David J. Pierson, MD, FAARC

1994 Robert M. Kacmarek, PhD, RRT

1995 Philip A. von der Heydt, MEd, RRT

1996 George G. Burton, MD, FAARC

1997 Dean R. Hess, PhD, RRT, FAARC

1998 Gary A. Smith, FAARC, RRT (Hon)

1999 Neil MacIntyre, MD

2000 Joseph L. Rau, Jr., PhD, RRT, FAARC

2001 Thomas A. Barnes, EdD, RRT, FAARC

2002 David C. Shelledy, PhD, RRT, RPFT, FAARC

2003 Vijay M. Deshpande, MS, RRT, FAARC

2004 Robert L. Wilkins, PhD, RRT, FAARC

2005 D. Theron Van Hooser, MEd, RRT, FAARC

2006 Charles B. Spearman, MSEd, RRT, FAARC

2007 Lynda Thomas Goodfellow, EdD, RRT, AE-C,

2008 William F. Galvin, MSEd, RRT, CPFT, AE-C,

2009 John R. Goodman, BS, RRT

2010 Susan P. Pilbeam, MS, RRT, FAARC

2011 JM Cairo, PhD, RRT, FAARC

2012 Paul L. Goldiner, MD
Jeffrey J. Ward, MEd, RRT

2013 Stephen P. Mikles, EdS, RRT, FAARC

2014 Jana L. Anderson

2015 Margaret F. Traband, MEd, RRT, FAARC

2016 Brad Leidich, MSEd, RRT, FAARC

2017 Saverio (Sam) Giordano, MBA, RRT, FAARC
Ellen A. Becker, PhD, RRT, RRT-NPS, RPFT,

2018 Charlie G. Brooks, Jr., EdD, RRT, FAARC

2019 Shelley C. Mishoe, PhD, RRT, FAARC,

2020 Douglas Gardenhire, Ed D, R RT, RRT-NPS, FAARC
Glenda Hocker

2021 Tom Malinowski, MSc, RRT, FAARC

2022 Kathy Jones-Boggs Rye, EdD, RRT-NPS-ACCS, FAARC